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God Bless you Everyone! Hope everyone is having a blessed week! I hope you all are excited for tonight as we study 1 Corinthians 4! We will be meeting tomorrow at 8pm at 215 Waterman Street,

Providence, RI 02906. If there are any questions or concerns please let me know! God bless you all, In Jesus Mighty Name!

Hey family! We coming to you tomorrow!

DETAILS: This is the address to meet at: 120 Killingly St, Providence, RI 02909. Hike will start at Neutaconkanut Hill Park near baseball field. Beautiful fall trail walk and evangelizing in Rhode Island Sunday tomorrow. All ages invited.

Please dress in layers (may be cool at start) and wear sturdy sneakers or boots. The hike is about 50 minutes total. Start at 1pm and it’s recommended to pack a lunch, snacks and water for the afternoon right after church.

Evangelist Trevon Constant

Please for tomorrow, we will use the same link as last Sunday. Please turn your zoom cameras on at 10:15am so we can take praise reports. So plan only like 2 songs. We look forward to an amazing service.

Please be aware we will be meeting In our various G-15 groups tomorrow and for the month of October. Please continue to pray as we ask the Lord to lead us to our own space. Tomorrow is a communion service. Looking forward to connecting with you all! We can also meet in our own home and connect on zoom for the service as Taylor's place isn't available. Have a blessed night everyone and see you tomorrow morning.


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