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God Bless you all, I'm just wondering who has access to the Wix app that live in Providence? If you do, do you get notifications from this app or have your notifications on?

  • God Bless you Everyone! Hope everyone is having a blessed week! I hope you all are excited about what Jesus is going to do in Providence because I'm believing for that Revival fire in Providence, Who's with me?So everyone I'm Reaching out about our Bible study. We will be meeting Thursdays at 8pm at 42 Chapin Ave

    Providence, RI 02909 United States. If there are any questions of concerns please let me know! God bless you all, In Jesus Mighty Name!

  • God bless you All Brothers and Sister, Happy Sunday, This is an update this Wednesday will be our last Bible study at church. The following Wednesday we will be Meeting at Taylor's place and receive from the Lord. Any Questions please reach out. My number is +1 (617) 922-0266!

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